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Security Management | Staff Personal Safety

Providing security across a business or organisation is a critical part of daily business operations. Business security requirements encompass a range of specialist skills including Cyber, IT, physical security, information, privacy and personal safety.

At Total Risk our senior and experienced security advisors provide the full range of security consulting services; all fully tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

Our security management services include:

  • Security Audits and Reviews.
  • Assessment and Management of Threats.
  • Crime Prevention.
  • Incident Management and Debriefings.
  • Security Management.
  • Process Design Reviews.
  • Personal Safety Training and Briefings.

Staff Personal Safety

In 2018 the high activity area of security management is staff personal safety.  As a result, our training division has experienced high demand for our ‘Staying Safe Off-Site’ and ‘Conflict De-escalation’ workshops.

Dealing with anxious and difficult people, or having staff exposed to threatening and intimidating actions of customers, is unnerving for both staff and management.  It’s important that all staff and personnel have the right training to manage threatening situations correctly.  Experience has shown that effective management of a situation, combined with safety-focused premises and procedures can significantly reduce the likelihood of a life-threatening situation. 

Our Approach

Our approach of risk assessment, monitor, de-escalate, disengage and debrief is practical and useable.

At Total Risk we can assist improving personal safety for staff and personnel.  This includes our security management services, workplace security reviews, operational services, staff training and education.  As part of our specialist service, we also offer experienced and trained people to accompany staff to to meetings and off-site visits where a high behaviour-based risk exists.  

See also our Corporate Care services.

For more information about our security management services, please Contact Us.  Our services are supplied throughout New Zealand (NZ) including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and all other regions.

Our services are supplied throughout New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and all other regions.