The importance of 'experience' may be intangible…
but it significantly impacts on achieving the desired outcome.
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Specialist Business Services

Field Agents Services  Investigation Services  Business Consulting Cyber Security

Total Risk offers a unique range of specialist business solutions, focused on enabling businesses and organisations to effectively resolve customer and business specific issues. Whether it’s in the field, requiring specialist field agent support or risks involving employees, projects or infrastructure, we will tailor our approach to specifically meet your needs.

Our specialist solutions include:

  • Field Agent Services – Our nationwide team provides an extensive range of services from debt collection, negotiating settlements, interacting with non-responsive customers, utility site visits, plus much more. 
  • Investigation Services – We provide a wide range of investigative services including insurance and fraud investigations; civil and criminal issues; employee related investigations; and investigations relating to criminal defence.
  • Business Consulting – Our experienced and senior consultants are often required in relation to sensitive and ‘business critical’ topics, e.g. revenue risk and revenue recovery; security management and consulting; personal protection; threat assessment; and risk management. 

We also offer Cyber Security Training Courses on a range of specialist IT security topics.  These short courses (1 – 5 days long) are held in Auckland and Wellington.

What sets us apart… the level of expertise within our team, our breadth of specialist knowledge, and most importantly, our focus on determining the optimum approach to achieve your desired outcome. In the field, we consider both the immediate situation alongside the broader issues, to ensure the correct long term ‘success’ strategy is implemented.

As a third party, operating on behalf of your brand, we understand the importance of providing a truly professional and unquestionable level of service when interacting directly with your customer base or business associates or staff. This level of professionalism is inherent in our culture and is an expectation we take very seriously.

Established in 2006, Total Risk has been working alongside prominent businesses and organisations throughout New Zealand (NZ). For more information about how our specialist business services can assist your organisation please Contact Us.