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Tracing and Locating People

Finding people located here in New Zealand, or abroad, can be a very onerous task, sometimes with less than successful results.  It often requires great attention to detail, tracing and tracking previous known activities, and an extensive level of access to public records and information.

At Total Risk we can assist individuals, businesses and organisations to find and locate specific people.  Often our services are requested to find people who have changed their surname, got married, or have passed away.  Through our National Project Centre, based in Wellington, our full-time tracing team can quickly initiate proceedings to help find someone.

Our tracing services include:

  • Finding and locating people here in New Zealand and New Zealanders living abroad.
  • Finding people who may have only a mobile phone number (i.e. no landline phone).
  • Locating and finding ‘missing people’ who are more actively avoiding discovery or are victims of crime.

Our tracing and locating fee can be based on a ‘success’ fee or a fixed hourly rate.  

For more information about our tracing and locating services, please Contact Us. We can help you to find someone or to find specific people.

Our services are supplied throughout New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and all other regions.