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Specialist Business Services

Anti-Money Laundering     Fraud Investigations     Security Management    Training 

Total Risk offers a unique range of specialist business solutions, focused on enabling businesses and organisations to effectively resolve customer and business specific issues. Our experienced team of security advisors, investigators, and business advisors are situated throughout New Zealand. We support clients through business critical incidents which often are accompanied with high stress or financial disaster.

Having experience with a particular type of situation, knowing what to focus on, and possessing the skills to effectively clarify the determining facts makes a significant difference to the longevity and the outcome of a difficult situation. Often the path to resolving crime and threat issues requires the collection of complex evidence involving our forensic accounting and computer forensics specialists working seamlessly with investigators, surveillance teams and mediators.

Successfully resolving critical business issues is not about fighting every battle; it’s about knowing when to progress and commit your resources and when not to; and knowing when you need advice because things are outside your experience or expertise.

Independent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Audits

AML compliance requirements have recently been widened to include an additional swathe of businesses especially in the SME sector. Compliance costs for SME’s can be crippling especially at rates charged by some consulting firms. The requirement to have independence between your AML compliance advisor and your Auditor potentially adds to cost. Total Risk is an SME and structures services to work cost effectively for the sector. Learn More

Fraud Investigations

Increasingly our clients are experiencing fraud or theft incidents often perpetrated by someone they have trusted implicitly for many years. The stress created by breach of trust and financial loss is very hard to cope with without trying to understand how to get police or other agencies involved, put together evidentially complex complaint files, deal with employment issues, recover money stolen, and manage the grief being experienced by others in the team. We have been doing this effectively for years and have experienced police trained investigators in every NZ city. Learn More

Security Management & Staff Safety

Threats and assaults against staff, especially those visiting homes, have been steadily increasing over the last decade. Total Risk is amongst the most experienced companies in New Zealand working in this sector. Since 2003 Total Risk has worked with many government agencies and companies providing security reviews, FOH design, policy, procedure, risk assessment, on site personal safety and staff training. This is an area of high vulnerability for PCBU’s in companies whose staff visit homes as you often don’t know what you will simply walk into. Learn More

Cyber Security

Getting a pen test once a year does not provide a cyber security assurance program – it is like having a WOF on your car for a week. Our partner company Cyber Toa can provide vulnerability assessments and cyber diagnostics that will give you a monthly or quarterly system report which establishes a cyber security assurance program at an affordable price.

Services Provided New Zealand Wide

Our people are based throughout New Zealand (NZ) including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and all other regions.

For more information about how our specialist business services can assist your organisation, please Contact Us .

Established in 2006, Total Risk has been working alongside prominent businesses and organisations throughout New Zealand (NZ).