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Cyber Security Training | NZ

Total Risk offers a range of specialist cyber security training courses, covering critical areas relating to information security, IT security, handling of computer security incidents, and risk assessment.

Our Specialist Courses

Incident Handling Courses:

  1. Overview of Creating and Managing CSIRT’s (1 day course)
  2. Creating a Computer Security Incident Response Team (1 day course)
  3. Managing Computer Security Incident Response Teams (3 day course)
  4. Fundamentals of Incident Handling (5 day course)

Risk Assessment & Insider Threat Courses:

  1. Assessing Information Security Risk Using the Octave Approach (2 day course)

Our short-term cyber security / information security courses (ranging from 1 to 5 days long) effectively cover many aspects relating to the challenges of maintaining security online for businesses and organisations of all sizes.  Our courses are classroom-based courses, where participants attend on-site for the duration of the course.  Courses are held in Wellington and Auckland.

Total Risk | Approved SEI Partner

What does it mean to be an SEI Partner?
SEI Partners are companies and organisations selected, trained, and licensed by the SEI to deliver authentic SEI services.  Through SEI-Certified individuals such as instructors, appraisers, and evaluators, SEI Partners offer courses and other SEI services, extending the SEI’s reach to the entire world.

Why hire an SEI Partner?
SEI methods and technologies have been advancing the ways the world develops software for 25 years.  The SEI carefully selects and monitors its Partners so that when you receive services from an SEI Partner, you can be sure that the quality of those services is comparable to the quality you would get from the SEI itself.

SEI Partners: Trusted Providers of Authentic SEI Services.

Launch of Cyber Training Courses

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Our specialist cyber security training courses are held in Auckland and Wellington.  Short courses of 1-5 days.